Pearl Millet: Little therapeutic gems

Pearl millet is rich in essential compounds like protein, fiber, phosphorous, magnesium and iron.
Pearl millet has a high fibre content which takes longer to digest releasing glucose at a slower rate. Excellent for controlling blood sugar.
Weight loss: Fiber uses up a lot of calories and digests slowly. Feel full for longer and use up those extra calories.
Pearl Millet is gluten free.
Pearl Millet keeps the body alkaline and reduces acidity.
A combination of high protein. fibre and alkalinity results in more red blood cells and gives you longer endurance


  • You get a half kg packet of naturally grown Country Bajra (Nati Kambu, Bajri, Sajje, Sajjalu) Flour or atta
  • Unique health benefits of each millet give you all round nutrition and boost immunity
  • Increase your fiber intake, regulate blood pressure, loose weight in a healthy way, and boost your energy levels
  • Food of our ancestors, these grains come to you as nature wishes you to consume them
  • Every packet is a thank you note to India's marginal farmers who grow food with divine passion

Thiviyam Country Bajra (NATI Kambu, Bajri, Sajje, Sajjalu) Flour 500 gm

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  • Millets, Little Grains, packed with nutrition, was the food that our ancestors ate across the world. Resistant to climatic changes, Millets grow well without the onslaught of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers in low water availability. High in protein, fibre and essential nutrients, Millets are making a comeback as the superfood of tomorrow! We Work with over 2000 marginal farmers across South India who want to share their traditional crops for a healthier world. Farmers who believe nature nourishes with care and love when treated with care. Farmers grow on Happy Lands without the use of addictive chemicals and damaging pesticides.

    Millets from our farmers are grown and consumed in the same way for hundreds of thousands of years. Bees, butterflies, insects, rich soil and freshwater, every aspect of biodiversity has gone into making this packet possible. Our farmers practice farming methods with almost zero impact on the environment. Traditional knowledge meets world class delivery mechanism to provide the customer with healthier and more wholesome nutrition along with putting maximum profits in the marginal farmer’s hand.


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