Mapillai Samba or “Bride Groom Rice” is a native variety of rice, which is red in colour and is grown predominantly in Tamil Nadu. 


In the olden days, prospective bridegrooms have to prove their mettle by lifting up a heavy stone called the Ilavattakal. This rice was thought to give the ungodly strength, stamina and focus needed for this task, hence the name Mapillai Samba or Bridegroom Rice.



THIVIYAM Mappillai Samba or Bridegroom Rice 500gm

    • The high fibre content present in the rice eases digestion.
    • Vitamin B1 present in the rice aids in healing stomach and mouth ulcers.
    • Improves immunity and stamina
    • Strengthens muscles and nervous system
    • Boosts energy levels
    • Increases hemoglobin content
    • Good for diabetics since it is has a low Glycemic Index.



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